Ian Ash- Self Titled Album


I'm excited to share that my self-titled album "Ian Ash" will be released on July 12! The first single from the album, “Sex Magic” will be released on June 14 🙂

Featuring songs produced at home in Waukesha, WI by myself and songs produced by Robert Cutarella at the beautiful Studio City Sound in LA, this album features a sampling of my family and friends joining me on some of my favorite compositions that represent who I am as a singer and songwriter.

My dad Scott is featured on trumpet on multiple tracks. My friend Annie Buege sings and my friend Matthew Schwanke also sings on a song he co-wrote with me. The mighty Rick Wetzel plays saxophone on multiple tracks, Matt Chivas plays bass on a tune, and Bob Cutarella adds some percussion overdubs and drum programming in addition to his superb production abilities on multiple tracks. Andrew Schwartz and Josh Ehrhart lend their mixing talents to a few tracks.

10 tracks are brand new and the other 3 are new versions or unavailable versions of the songs. My current plan is to leak the 13 songs 2 days apart, beginning a month ahead of the release date- on my various socials for both Ian Ash and The Last Bees Stay tuned for updates!

Track listing for “Ian Ash”:

1. Sex Magic
2. Drop Da Bomb
3. On Down the Line
4. Keeps Me Running
5. Were It Not For You
6. Lyn
7. Emergency!
8. Plum Cake Monster
9. Brookins, Lover of Science
10. All of Your Love
11. This is How We Roll
12. Return to Genesis
13. Angel on the Borderline (Love the Girl Inside)

PLEASE NOTE: Any orders placed before the release date of July 12, 2024 will be shipped the week prior to release.